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Every day the sound of the opening bell rings out across the New York Stock Exchange. Within seconds, the trading floor is abuzz with the sound of many voices, competing to be heard by other buyers and sellers.

That buzz is the sound of the market at work. At the NYSE, buyers and sellers communicate verbally and electronically to negotiate the best possible price for their transactions.

To become part of that process, you need to have a voice on the trading floor. We become that voice: we represent your order rapidly, accurately and professionally.

DRU Stock
DRU Stock was founded in 1980.  We know our way around the NYSE trading floor. We should: our team has spent over 100 combined years working there.

Today, our traders handle millions of shares every month for our clients. To process those trades swiftly and accurately, the firm has been one of the first to adopt every technological innovation to arrive at the the NYSE, from the most cutting edge hand-held order management trading devices to sophisticated trading platforms, and the best algorithmic providers.

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